This fast and efficient delivery service is designed to meet the need for rapid connections between key customer partners.

Shipments on a tight schedule?

Hai Lien Logistics‘ international express isn’t just about speed; it’s about secure delivery. We understand that while urgency is critical, safety remains the top priority. That’s why our team is rigorously trained in handling procedures and cargo security, ensuring your goods reach their destination swiftly and safely.

Our services

Our diverse express solutions include:


  • Expedited shipments
  • Electronics express
  • Apparel and garment express
  • Perishables express
  • Reefer express
  • Food items express
  • Machinery and equipment express

Additionally, we provide customs clearance, certificates of origin, and more to ensure rapid and efficient delivery.

Ready for express shipping? Contact us today for further consultation and the best freight.

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